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Biztech International is the fastest growing market intelligence operator in Europe. We create exceptional value through intelligent market information and help our customers make smarter decisions. From the thousands of CXO precision interviews we conduct annually with European decision makers, we provide valuable market insight reports, technology articles and state-of-the-art online tools for our subscribers. Become a Biztech information service subscriber today – and stay ahead of the game.

Data is the new oil in a fast-moving digital world.

Data is the new oil in a fast-moving digital world. Accurate and reliable Market Intelligence data representing the high octane fuel to stay ahead in pace of competition.

Bad data equals bad information and bad information is expensive. It causes in-efficiency, missed opportunities and a pure waste of time and resources when working with clients.

The value of information increases exponentially when quality parameters are in place, fragmented data is consolidated and information is accessed easily.

Biztech has developed a state of art methods, models, tools and technology framework to identify relevant data, convert fragmented data to information and provide it quickly and efficiently. Helping you make the right decisions and stay ahead in the game!

Four steps to decision power – free of charge.

1. Participate our 10 – 15-minute phone interview sessions 3-4 times a year.

2. Enjoy Biztech Information Service stream of day topic Market Data.

3. Get access to full market data dashboard: browse, filter and share!

4. See where your industry is going and find the best vendors and solutions to take you there.

Biztech Market Intelligence Programs

The Customer Insight 360 – Cloud -program provides an exceptional view of the largest organizations current situation, engaged service providers and plans & priorities of their migration path to the cloud.


Our Customer Insight 360 – SAP -program is drilling into the details of the largest SAP -users in the Finnish market. A “must have” tool for companies targeting SAP customers with services and solutions.


Biztech’s new Top 1000 service enables versatile views and insights about the large and midmarket account space in the Nordics.


Customer Insight 360 – Data Center -program is providing an exceptional view of large and midmarket organizations current situation and future plans related to their data center investments.


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So, I heard that you are ready to start building your career in Market Intelligence. I also heard that you are fearless, active and ambitious? Well guess what? At Biztech International serious ambition is always welcome.

Complement your current situation working part time, or change the whole direction of your career. Welcome to a different kind of role, and a different kind of company.

Let’s unleash your true potential together. We have made applying easy, just for you. Don’t wait any longer, we want to get to know you.

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