Biztech Publishing Schedule

Cloud Adoption Barometer

The Battle of the Global Cloud Giants (Published)
Practically everything is moving to Cloud. The only open question is the time span. See how the battle ground between global giants looks like.

Cloud Happiness.. or misery (Published)
The good, the bad and the ugly. How are the cloud services – and particularly Service Providers rated by CIO’s in terms of satisfaction.

Drivers for Cloud strategy (Published)
What are the drivers for choices and decisions while making cloud adoption plans. Price, security, data location or something else?

The Great Cloud Rush (Published)
Biztech has been researching the European CSP market now for 3 years. Now we are ready to share the findings with you.

Top Microsoft, Amazon, Google Service Providers
Looking for the best rated Azure -service providers in the region? Here they are.

High Priority Workloads Migrating to Cloud
Organizations are moving various workloads to cloud. Sure, but what are the priorities?